Residenza Sant'Andrea Il Melo

The building

For over 20 years Residenza Sant’Andrea has been welcoming tourists from everywhere in the world. Many of them, after the first time, decided to come back every year. The Residenza has become their home away from home. That’s because at Sant’Andrea you are on vacation but you are welcomed and treated as if you were at home.

Residenza Sant’Andrea, before being restored, was a big farmhouse where several peasant families of the area used to live.

The old building, before being a farmhouse, used to be a monastery with a medieval Church annexed dedicated to Sant’Andrea. Even today, wandering through the Apartments of the Residenza you can find stones engraved with old Latin inscriptions coming from Medieval times.

In the building there are 11 Apartments managed indipendently by several owners.

The Melo Apartment, for which you find information on this site, is managed by the family’s Paolo and Graziella.

Available to every guest in the Residenza: parking, big green spaces with a playground for children and a fully equipped Barbecue area.

Starting from the Residenza it is possible to have long walks in the countryside or in the woods, on foot, with a bicycle or on a horse, since the Residenza is also near a riding school.



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